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ABOUT Melle Mel Services

Melle Mel Services established in 2007 (originally names Mowin’ Mel’s Landscape Service in 1992) has offered a variety of  services ranging from many type of landscape maintenance to multiple computer services.

Over the course of the years our knowledge has grown  from just landscape services and we have been able to offer an expanded list of services to include Website Design, Computer Network Installation and repair.  This has allowed us to incorporate         technology with landscaping in many ways. Melle Mel Services is also offering training services with a curriculum for Audio/Video. This services has been offered for individuals in churches and or in the private sector who see the need to have knowledgeable staff in this area especially in the ever growing and advancing field of technology. These classes are offered at a reasonable price and approximately last for 1-2 months. This course has been taught in two countries thus far and has been taught curriculum has been incorporated in many venues throughout the country.

Located in Fairfield, CA and owned by Lemel Nears, Melle Mel Services has been developed to offer complex services for a very reasonable price without compromising quality. He received his Computer Science BS degree from Devry University in 2013  graduating Summa Cum Laude. Mr. Nears has been working in the ministry since the age of 15. He has spent many years in the music department, as well as the audio/video areas. While being in these departments he has developed his services based on the  experiences that he has encountered in his life while working in the government sector day to day.


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