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Remote Office Management


Managing an office is hard enough as it is even for the most savvy of managers. Then add in IT complications, if you don't know where to start, allow Melle Mel Services to take on that burden for you. With over 15 years managing and supporting private, state and federal entities, Melle Mel Services has the skills and know-how to ensure that your office continues to run smoothly.

Utilizing the ability to remote into your office computers, either on a single instance basis or as your full time IT support, we can  manage your servers, workstation, printing devices, wireless networks, hardware, asset management, cabling, and email server management needs. Whatever it is we got you covered and will continue to provide you with, exceptional services and always "Go the Extra Mile" for you.

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Website design


 A website is a common place for society today, to stay competitive and to help build name recognition you need to have a website that is both catchy and informative.


Melle Mel Services has been known for the past 7 years to provide just that service to businesses that are either entering the "online" age, or are updating their current sites to keep up with the times.


Melle Mel Services does not create a website in a "cookie cutter" manner. They will take the time to talk to you and find out what you want out of your website and will custom design a package that will meet your needs, without exuberant prices, so every website designed by Melle Mel Services is created from the ground up.


The Melle Mel Services Advantage


Since the advancement of web design many companies have created "quick turnaround sites" of "template" sites where there are only certain areas that can be customized and edited. 

This type of design limits the originality of your vision for your site, and over time you will start to regret that decision.


With Melle Mel Services we will make sure that you will like your site for that long run, we will also save you money, here's an example.


Some companies charge you a low creation fee but then charge you upwards of $125 a month just to keep the site up. If you add making changes to the site which or charged on an hourly basis averaging around $150 in addition to your regular monthly fee, you could be looking at $275  A MONTH, multiply that by a year and that could total  $3,300 a year. Also you WON'T own your domain, so when/if you decide to leave that company, they can make it a hassle to do so.


With Melle Mel Services, we charge a flat rate based on the clients individual needs to create the website, and we DO NOT charge a flat monthly fee just to keep your site up. We let you KEEP your domain free of charge. We DON'T charge a cancellation fee, we DON'T charge you when you leave, and we only charge you hourly for changes made in that month, potentially saving you thousands.

Give MelleMelServices a chance to prove we'll

              "Go the extra mile for you!"

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